8 Steps Can Improve Door Security As Risk Of Crime Increases

8 Steps Can Improve Door Security As Risk Of Crime Increases

A deadbolt strike plate is a metal plate installed on the door frame opposite the deadbolt. When the deadbolt is engaged, it extends into the strike plate, securing the door and preventing unauthorized entry.

Why are Deadbolt Strike Plates Important?

Deadbolt strike plates are crucial for home security because they reinforce the area around the lock. Without a sturdy strike plate, the door is susceptible to forced entry and burglaries. A quality strike plate provides added protection and peace of mind.

How Do I Choose the Right Deadbolt Strike Plate?

To select the right deadbolt strike plate, consider the material it is made of. High-quality strike plates are typically made of steel or solid brass. Additionally, choose a plate that matches the dimensions and shape of your deadbolt, ensuring a proper fit.

Can I Install a Deadbolt Strike Plate Myself?

Yes, installing a deadbolt strike plate is a simple DIY project. Most strike plates come with installation instructions, and all you need are basic tools like a screwdriver and screws. However, if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with the installation process, it’s best to seek ther help of locksmith Durham.

How Many Screws Should I Use to Install the Strike Plate?

For optimal security, use at least four screws to attach the strike plate to the door frame. Ensure that these screws are at least 3 inches long to provide a secure anchor and prevent the strike plate from being pried off.

Can a Deadbolt Strike Plate Prevent Kick-in Burglaries?

Yes, a high-quality deadbolt strike plate can significantly reduce the risk of kick-in burglaries. Kick-ins occur when intruders forcefully kick open a door, breaking the door frame. A reinforced strike plate spreads the force of the kick over a larger area, making it more challenging for the door to give way.