A locksmith is a person who helps us with our locks and keys. They can make copies of keys, which is called duplicating keys. Here are some keys that a locksmith can duplicate:

House Keys: Locksmiths can duplicate keys for the front door, back door, or any other door in your house. This way, if you lose your key, you can still get inside your home.

Car Keys: Locksmiths can also duplicate car keys. If you accidentally misplace your car key, a locksmith can help you make a new one so you can still drive your car.

Office Keys: Locksmiths can duplicate keys for offices and businesses. This is helpful if employees need access to certain areas but may not have their original key.

Padlock Keys: If you have a padlock on your shed or gate, a locksmith can duplicate the key for you. It makes it easier to share access with others or have a spare key.

Safe Keys: Some people have safes to keep their valuable items secure. Locksmiths can duplicate keys for these safes, ensuring you can always access your belongings.

Mailbox Keys: Locksmiths can duplicate keys for your mailbox. If you lose your mailbox key, you won’t have to worry about getting your mail.

Furniture Keys: Some furniture, like cabinets or desks, come with locks and keys. If you lose these keys, a locksmith can help make duplicates.

Locker Keys: If you have a locker at school, the gym, or work, a locksmith can duplicate the key for you.

Remember, when you ask a locksmith to duplicate a key, you may need to show proof that you own the key or have permission to duplicate it. This is to ensure your safety and security.

In conclusion, locksmith in Olympia WA can duplicate various types of keys, such as house keys, car keys, office keys, padlock keys, safe keys, mailbox keys, furniture keys, and locker keys. They are a valuable help when you need an extra key or have misplaced your original key. Always be responsible and keep your keys safe!